First off, thank you to all of our partners, speakers, sponsors, judges, and participants for making this Design-A-Thon a success!

Scroll down to see some of the awesome projects that were created in a single weekend, visit our Flickr to see photos of the event, and check out our Youtube channel for recordings and of the presentations and speakers.

Design Prompt:

Design a solution that will allow the Berkeley community to solve some aspect of California’s drought

Winner: DripIt


DripIt is a hardware solution designed to make students and UC Berkeley more aware of the secondary water usage created by food in the dining halls.

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Runner-Up: Save


Save is an educational program for 3rd-5th graders in Berkeley schools that uses low-cost water filters and a water tracking app to teach them about them about drought, and to encourage their families conserve water more proactively.

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The Great Aquaventure


The Great Aquaventure is a choose-your-own-adventure educational game that uses fun artistic styles and social media to teach and raise awareness about the drought.

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The Connected Nozzle


The Connected Nozzle is a shower head that uses customizeable alarms to encourage students in the dorms to take shorter showers.

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Water Bulb


Waterbulb is a water bottle that encourages water conservation through LED lighting that indicates to users how much water they are using compared to their community.

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Grassp is an automated watering device that uses weather information and shoots water downward in order to reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs when watering a yard or field.

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