Socially Engaged Engineers

Socially Engaged Engineers works to bridge the disconnect between engineering and society.


SEE began in April 2014 with a small group of engineering students and a passion for social change.


The vision of SEE is a world where engineers of all disciplines and skill levels understand their inherent roles as social changemakers, as well as the cultural and environmental implications of their work, and use this knowledge to take responsibility for the impact they will have on society.


The mission of SEE is to start a conversation among current and future engineers about how engineering is not isolated from society, then encourage them to think about the specific impacts of their own practice and goals. We aim to do so by providing resources and a community that enables them to be proactive leaders in their careers.

What We Do

We Educate

We provide students with stories and advice from instructors, researchers, alumni, entrepreneurs, and community leaders within the Bay Area using their engineering skills to tackle all kinds of social issues. This semester, we are running a DeCal to teach students how engineering can promote the common good though principles of engagement and accountability.

We Outreach

In Spring 2016, we worked with a number of other engineering student organizations to host Engineering Impact Series. The Series was a set of events held throughout April, each focused on a different theme, to bring students together to answer questions of how engineering and technology impact the world.

This semester, we partnered with the Association of Women in EECS (AWE) for a townhall discussion on inclusion in industry.

We Act

We aim to provide opportunities for students, including our club members, to participate in socially engaged engineering. In Fall 2015, we co-hosted a design-a-thon for social impact. This semester, we are working with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) on community solar projects.

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